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Software for scales and weighbridges

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Thanks to the ScaleApp application, you can connect and manage directly from a SMART PHONE or TABLET one or more Dini Argeo scales via Bluetooth, WiFi or Internet, with the ability to record the weights in a file and share it on PC via USB interface.


Clear view of the weight on the screen of your phone or tablet.
Tare and zero execution.
Recording of the weight data on a file.
Consulting and cancellation of the file directly on you dispositive.


Network sharing of the weight data via WIFI.
Internet sharing of the weight data.
File transfer via USB, SMS, E-MAIL, or server FTP.
Maganement of approved scales.
Communication with the scale through Internet via VPN connection to the company network, and to the scale connected to the network via WIFI module.


Display 3,2” or greater.
Android version 2.3 or greater (4.0 suggested).
WIFI or Bluetooth connection for communication with the scale.
Limited availability
$ 0.00
WeiMonitor is the PC program which allows you to monitor and record in real time all the weighings made on the connected scale, storing them in a text or Excel file for further processing.
Display of the weight, with the possibility to manage the semiautomatic tare through dedicated key.
Manual recording by pressing a key of your choice on the PC or directly on the scale.
Automatic recording in a determined amount of time, with programmable reading frequency.
Storing of the data in a text (.txt) or Excel (.xls) file.
Keyboard emulation, to enter the data directly in the opened Windows application, allowing the filling of notes, documents, invoices, etc.
Approved functioning with recording of the ID weight (it requires the alibi memory inside the indicator).
Immediate availability
$ 575.00
Software for a PC which allows to completely manage a weighbridge system, combinable to the DFW and DGT series' weight indicators. Besides the complete management of the connected scale, the programme offers a simple and intuitive operator interface, wide range of supported functions, databases for the storage of the customer, material, and vehicle data, management of the totals and programmable printouts.

Remote management of the weighing system, with display of all the scale status messages, selected storages, net, gross, and tare weights; execution of the ZERO, AUTOMATIC TARE, PRESET TARE, and PRINT functions.

- Single weigh, with entry of the vehicle tare weight.
- INPUT/OUTPUT weigh, with recall of the input weight through the vehicle plate or the weight identifying code.
- Customer, material and vehicle selectionable from database (over 5000 programmable storages) or with quick entry.
- Completely programmable printouts, with graphic preview of the created format; the software allows also to create printouts with logos, barcodes, database date and all the weight data under way.
- Possibility of login with Smart Card, with management of various user groups (administrator, operator...).

This mode allows to use the weighbridge without any operators, execution of the operations on PC, through the use of the BADGE or CHIP CARDS, directly programmable through the Weitruck, which contain the customer, material, and vehicle data.
Limited availability
$ 1,322.50
Touch Weigh 3000
Site Specific Computer and Software fully customisable touch screen weighbridge Hardware and Software
$ 21,275.00
A technologically superior turnkey solution for the mining; metals, quarry, waste and agricultural weighing, industries. The WZWB Weighbridge Software with or without a weighbridge forms the foundation of your scale management software, opportunity and success.

Expect, high performance, continual uptime and systems integration with fast and efficient weighbridge entry and exit weigh processing. Deep analytical reporting, powered by a server-side data processing engine, delivers business control, on shaping and analysing information at lightning speeds. Intuitive function coupled with a feature rich, user interface, offers a weighbridge software and operations solution that deserves your time and consideration.

P.O.A Ranging from $22500
Limited availability
$ 25,875.00

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