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Jackson - 22m weighbridge Relocation


Jackson Enterprises – Weighbridge Relocation

It’s not every day that you need to move an in-ground
weighbridge – so who do you turn to assist in the relocation, with plans, foundation drawings (even though the bridge may be 20 years old or more), installation and certification.
This is exactly what Trevor Jackson, of Jackson Enterprises in Pahiatua, did when he had the opportunity to purchase a second-hand weighbridge from the nearby Fonterra site.
We were able to supply the appropriate drawings, give advice on disassembling and of course provide the installation expertise and certification to Trading Standards requirements.

In addition Trevor wanted an updated indicator and software package to suit his needs, which were different to the system that he had purchased.
Scaletec were able to tailor make a package to suit exactly what Trevor required, all at a competitive cost and all tried and tested.
This now leaves Trevor to continue with the focus of designing and manufacturing trailers for the haulage industry, something which he has expertly done now for over 20 years, supplying the whole of NZ.


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