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Medical and Pharmacy Scales

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Top Pan Balance - Non Trade use

Bright LCD display with backlight
Remote LCD display, RS232 Interface
Mains AC/DC adaptor, or 6*AA batteries
Windshield for 0.01g ones
Adjustable feet < 13 units exchange
Weighing function, Piece counting function, Percentage weighing
Auto power off selectable
Immediate availability
$ 517.50
Shimadzu TX
The TX/TXC series incorporates a one piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc) first introduced by Shimadzu for precision balances in 1989. It excels in performance, resists deterioration and damage by ordinary impacts. The UniBloc’s compact, uniform structure replaces 70 parts found in a conventional electromagnetic balance sensor assembly and ensures stable temperature characteristics, excellent response time and stable corner-load performance. The UniBloc design permits a consistency of production that assures reliability and a long operational life.

Limited availability
$ 1,706.60
Shekel Milano
Shekel Milano

The Milano Shekel digital chair scale is the efficient solution for the mobility-challenged and persons unable to stand. Integrated automatic BMI function displays in either Lbs or Kgs. Movement compensation technology eliminates involuntary movement during the weigh process. Innovatively lightweight and equipped with two rear heavy-duty wheels, the Milano Shekel digital chair scale is easy to move.
The armrests slide upwards for easy access and the footrest ensures safe seating. Max. user weight: 270kg
Limited availability
$ 2,625.16

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