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New Checkweighing scales

Scaletec recently agreed a deal with Dini Argeo of Italy to import a range of their equipment, as we have been looking for an additional range of indicators which offer European quality, excellent IP ratings, competitive pricing and options not found within the current marketplace.
One of these indicators is the Dini Argeo model DFWLID checkweighers.
The advantages of this indicator is the large 40mm screen which can be set to change colour at preset target weights. This allows the operator to focus solely on the colour of the screen – looking for the green light for the OK to move onto the next item to be weighed.
This appealed to Steve Love (Production Manager at Speirs Foods) as he was keen to reduce wastage and to narrow the tolerances used in the production of the salad items being packed.

In addition the Dini range includes hazardous area classifications, touch screen options, axle weighing systems, batch controllers and an excellent range of load cells.

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