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NZ Weighbridges - Truck Scales

Scaletec a NZ supplier of Trade Approved Weighbridges & Weighbridge Software offering full Weighbridge Calibration, Service and Repair.

There are 4 different types of weighbridge please click on tabs below:

All Prices Include GST

Surface Mounted

Surface mounted bridges, as the name suggests, are fitted directly on top of the road.

These bridges are supplied in sections, and can be anything up to 24 metres in length and take weights of up to 100 tons. Big enough for most yard applications. Fitted into the main deck are a set of components - load cells, instead of the old levers and counterbalances. New loadcells are very accurate and hard-wearing, easy to keep clean and no need for additional drainage.

Surface mounted weighbridges do require ramps on either end so that your vehicles can ride up onto the weighing deck. This means not only is the bridge very long, but will also need a good bit of space beyond this to position yourself for your run up. Because of this, it can be a good idea to fit them near the entrance to your yard.

One of the p
lus points with surface decks, is that they are easily taken up, relatively speaking. If you should ever move to a new yard, for example, you can take your weighbridge with you.

We service all makes and models of weighbridge offering the complete service and certification package, weather you have an Avery, Sensortronic, Philips, MettlerToldeo, Toltec, Weightronix - mechanical or electronic we have the tools and experience to service, repair and certify them all! Nationally! Working closely with other companies such as South Weigh in Dunedin and Invercargill, Electrotech, AP1 and Weighpac in the North Island.

Call 0800765041 for a competitive quote or email

Scaletec SCS-M

Scaletec SCS-M

Steel Road Weighbridge - (Surface or Pit installation)
8mm + 2mm Checker Plate Deck, 8 x 6mm x 250mm U-Beams
Surface Treatment – Shot blasted followed by 2 coats of primer epoxy paint and one coat alkyd enamel finish paint
Four OIML approved Zemic BM14G Stainless Steel Compression Loadcells
Stainless steel junction box
Concentrated Load Capacity of 20000kg
Span deflection Ratio of 1 : 600
Optional Steel Ramps and Side Rails available

Approved for Trade use in New Zealand MCA1975
Requires Suitable Indicator for your requirements

Price is indicative and gst excluded.

Immediate availability
$ 28,175.00 Add
Ricelake Integrity

Ricelake Integrity


Available for above-ground or pit installations
• Top access to load cells and junction boxes
for easy installation and maintenance
• All load cell cable is run through
factory-installed metal conduit with
flex-conduit hub fittings from load cell
to provide ultimate protection
• Dimensioned to easily fit existing foundations
Capacity of Weighbridges:
30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, and 150 metric

tonne plus custom capacity
Length of Weighbridges:
6, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 meters
plus custom length
Width of Weighbridges:
3, 3.5, and 4.0 meters plus custom width


$ 69,000.00 Add

Arganautica HD302

Mild Steel - Painted or Galvanised option available
Robust construction using weighbridgedouble ended shearbeam load cells
Free floating deck can accommodate overhang for wider trailers
Steel Ramps, Easy set up and transportation
Sizes- Decks are 4m x 2.9m and are modular, so several decks can be joined together to form the required length of weighbridge.
Capacity - 30000kg for two decks Up to 60000kg for multi-deck configurations
Load cells - 4 x 10ton shearbeams per deck, IP68 Protection rating
NZ trade approved

Limited availability
$ 57,500.00 Add

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