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Service Team
Scaletec mainly operate out of our main office in Palmerston North and Paraparaumu although we can service weighing equipment all over NZ, in areas that we are not directly located we work in with other locally based service suppliers who work for us, giving us better coverage and the ability to meet your needs.

e are familiar with calibration and repair requirements of most scales and quality weighing brands that have been sold in in New Zealand, over recent years, regardless of where the equipment was originally purchased. With over 40 years of NZ based service support in the weighing industry we bring that been there seen it approach to fault findinding meaning less downtime should your weighing equipment breakdown.
Our staff have been accredited by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to certify trade-approved instruments all our weights have been checked and certified by Trading Standards

EWRB Registration

Our technicians all hold Electrical Registration, authorising us to carry out repairs to your electronic scales
. Our focus on Health & Safety and our training in the Electrical field means that we can carry out our work proficiently and safely.

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Prevention is better than cure
This was written for Waste industry weighbridges in the UK but it is true for all weighbridges - Scaletec.

In today’s era of landfill charges and LATs reporting, the weighbridge is at the heart of a waste organisation’s data collection. Downtime can bring an operation to a halt so an effective preventative maintenance programme is vital.

Weighbridges are precision weighing instruments designed to meet stringent weights and measures regulations while operating in extremely harsh environments.
Collecting and reporting waste data is essential for waste disposal authorities, transfer stations and landfill operators. In modern waste management the weighbridge is like a cash register for an organisation. Landfill charges, waste sorting & recycling transactions and landfill taxes all need accurate data.

Indeed, with charges set to increase by 100% over the next three years for active waste going to landfill, it pays to recycle and importantly measure or weigh the different categories of waste. With the weighbridge and its software at the heart of this reporting regime, it is essential that it remains operational and also reports weight data accurately.
Having the right service and maintenance agreement in place is essential, but there is much that weighbridge operators can do to ensure that equipment stays reliable. Perhaps the first thing is to be aware of the most common causes of damage or failure.
For example, if the load cell or weighbar is left in water or even in very damp conditions it can fail prematurely. This is one of the most common causes of inaccurate weighing and leads to rejection by trading standards officers or AP’s.
Second, “shock loading” can cause excessive movement of the weighbridge platform damaging the structure. This can be due to the heavy braking of a vehicle, impact damage caused by a loading shovel or by heavy loads dropped directly onto the weighbridge or into a vehicle positioned on it.
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